Structural Pest Control Board Overview

In 1935 Assembly Bill 2382, "An act to regulate the practice of structural pest control; to create the Structural Pest Control Board; to provide for the registration and licensing of persons engaged in such practice, and for the protection of the public in the practice of structural pest control", was passed by the California State Legislature. The bill was signed by the Governor on July 20, 1935 and became law on September 15, 1935.

The Structural Pest Control Board is composed of seven members of which, by law, four are public members, and three are members of the pest control industry. The Governor appoints two public members and three licensed industry members. The Senate Rules Committee and the Speaker of the Assembly each appoint one public member. Board Members may serve up to two four-year terms. Board members fill non-salaried positions but are paid per diem for each Board meeting, committee meeting, and other meetings approved by the President of the Board. Travel expenses are also reimbursed.